Are Siamese cats for you?

Siamese Cat History

Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds of pedigree cats. Known for being very vocal, demanding and loving human company they are an extremely intelligent cat.

Siamese cats originate in Siam (Thailand) and were imported into the UK in 1894 by Mr Owen Gould. A breeding program started by UK cat breeders spread throughout the world with the Siamese breed as we know it today originating from this early breeding program.

Famous Siamese cat owners include the UK Prime Minister Mr Harold Wilson, US President Mr Theodore Roosevelt and James Dean the Hollywood actor.

Types of Siamese Cat

There are two distinct types of Siamese cat which are the modern style Siamese and the other being the traditional style Siamese. People who show there cats will probably be more familiar with the more modern style Siamese. The older or more traditional style are probably the style of cat people remember from childhood and if you asked somebody who does not go to cat show to picture a Siamese then this is probably the cat they would imagine.

What Colour are Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are described as pointed cats. What this means is that the colour on the cat is restricted to the points of the cat. The points of the cat being the cats extremities; face, ears, tail and legs. Seal Point Siamese will have very dark brown points with a cream body. All Siamese also cats have blue eyes which give them a very striking look.

Siamese cats originally had the traits of squints and tail kinks and these traits are associated with the breed in an endearing way. However these traits whilst not health issues are now deemed to be show faults and the aim of cat breeders has been to breed these traits out. Occasionally both these traits do pop up and the kittens in question are generally not used for breeding or shown.

Siamese cats have thirteen different colours and patterns. The most popular colours have to be Seal Point and Chocolate Point, followed by Blue Points and Lilac Points. Most people are familiar with these four colours.

In addition to these four colours Siamese also have Cinnamon, Fawn and Caramel. Add to these colours the red series Siamese which include Red Points, Cream Points and Apricot Points you know have a total of ten colours.

These are the ten colours of Siamese. The ten different colours also come in three further pattern variations which are Tabby Point Siamese, Tortie Point Siamese and finally the Tortie Tabby or Torbie Siamese.

Are Siamese Cats For You

So are Siamese cats the right breed for you?

Siamese cats are not solitary creatures and really do enjoy human and feline company. They are very affectionate and demand attention from their owners. They are the ideal pet for families who want a lot of interaction with their pets.

If you want a highly demanding, intelligent companion that is prone to fits of manic exercise and also being very vocal then perhaps a Siamese cat is indeed for you. Siamese cats are extremely talkative which some people find a very attractive trait, whilst to be fair other people would not enjoy so much!

If you prefer your cats to be far more sedate and relaxed, cats that curl up in front of the fire and really other than at mealtimes you barely notice they are even there then I would say that Siamese cats are not for you!

So tell me are Siamese cats for you?

Ross Davies is a GCCF Siamese cat judge and breeds his own Siamese cats under the cattery name Burnthwaites.

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