Pixie Bob Cat

Pixie Bob Cat

Pixiebob Cats

Alsoomse Pixiebob Cats

Pixie-Bob kittens today have a muscular body with substantial boning thick legs and has a naturally short tail. The tail can extend only to the hock. The natural bob tail can vary in length with the ideal being 4-6 inches on an adult cat and it is frequently kinked but should have flexibility and natural movement. Most are a minimum of two inches and is carried low (Although some are born with full tails). Their tails are all different lengths. 

Their coats are unique in colour quality and feel ranging from dove gray tawny through to a reddish brown with small spots or rosettes. They have a woolly coat standing up from their body. Extreme ticking should obscure the markings. Heavy ticking overall is mandatory muting much of the spotting. White/cream colour encircle the eyes with the mascara markings accent the face from the outside corner of the eye downward through the side cheeks.

Paw pads to the hocks are black. The end of tail is black with white underneath. The lighter colour belly is heavily spotted.

The Pixie-Bob is one of the few breeders that allows poly toes in its standards with a maximum of seven toes. Polydactyl (many toed) paws are common occurrence in the breed and these larger paws add to the breed’s wild look but do not hinder its ability to get around. Personally I think it’s one of the wonderful things about them.

Males average 20 pounds with the female averaging 14 pounds. They keep growing for 2 to 3 years.

These dogs in disguise are unusual in both looks and personality and are one of the largest breeds of registered showable cats. As a breed Pixie-Bobs are renowned for their quite nature. many will rarely call out and they tend instead to voice what they want with musical chirrups. This is not to say they don’t communicate a lot. However the Pixie-Bob has a unique way of gesturing with a raised paw as if to emphasize some point they are delivering through a mind-meld.

If you are looking for a big loveable cat with truly exotic appearance the Pixie-Bob is your cat.


Intelligent beyond belief.
Busy but never hyperactive.
Exhibit an unusually strong bond with their family. 
Excellent companions for children.
Love to travel in the car.
Will train easily to walk on a lead. 
Will train to fetch (many do this without training).
Perfect house or flat pets.
Extremely quite with an occasional chirp or chatter.
Gets along well with other animals.
Loves to play.

Avon Cat Rescue has been caring for and rehoming unwanted or stray cats and kittens in Warwickshire and the West Midlands since the 1960’s. They always have many super cats waiting for a new home sometimes as many as 90 cats. They are an independent self funded not for profit organisation. If you cannot rescue a cat at this time you can help the cats in their care by joining their supporters group or sponsoring one of their resident ‘pensioner’ cats.
Cats Seeking Homes: Some of the cats seeking homes are featured on their website linked below.
Rehoming Centre: The Barn House Chapel Street Welford on Avon Warwickshire CV37 8PX
Tel: 01789 750235
Email: manorclose@darlingscott.freeserve.co.uk
Website: www.avoncatrescue.org

Pixie Bob Cat

Litter Trays

Cats are the most fastidious of animals and are easily housetrained to use a litter tray. There are many different styles of boxes and types of litter. Litter choices include dry earth recycled paper sand clumping clay and natural litter pellets. Cats have an undeniable preference when it comes to which litter they would prefer to use. Be prepared to trial a few and once your cat is happy do not change it.

Litter box placement if very important. It should be in a place where your cat can get to it without difficulty and where you can get to it easily to scoop and clean. Most cats do not like to be exposed whilst toileting and some can be quite shy and require privacy. An easy to reach but discreet corner is often the best option. Cats are creatures of habit and dislike change – once your cat is used to the location of the litter box changing it can be difficult.

Keeping the litter box clean is of utmost importance. More cats have accidents because their box is dirty than for any other reason. Keeping the box clean is much easier than trying to retrain a cat who has decided that her box is filthy and refuses to use it. A litter tray should be scooped at least once a day and should be completely emptied of litter and thoroughly washed on a regular basis.

Exercise and Play

Whilst cats are not nearly as active as dogs it is important that they have the opportunity to exercise. Exercise will keep your cat’s body healthy its mind sharp and will keep it out of trouble. Many cats will run laps around the house up and over the furniture around the dining room table and off the walls when they need exercise. If you have an appropriate outside area allow your cat to exercise in the garden during the day but ensure that they are safely indoors at night.

Play is an important part in keeping your cat active and happy. Provide your cat with a variety of toys and rotate them on a regular basis to ensure that your cat is constantly stimulated. Leave some small toys such as a little ball or a furry mouse around for your cat to play with at any time. Take time each day to interact and play with your cat.


Regular combing and brushing of long-haired cats is essential and most owners find that this is a daily requirement. Shorthaired cats are able to groom themselves except at moulting time when assistance from the owner by daily brushing is necessary. It may also be occasionally necessary to bathe your cat. Most cats are frightened of being bathed so great care must be taken.

When cats swallow hair it can result in the formation of a hair mass in the stomach known as a "fur ball." During the moulting season it may be necessary to give a teaspoonful of paraffin oil mixed with food to help eliminate fur balls.

Pixie Bob Cat

Breeding Pedigree Cats

Reviewer: from UK

I have bred pedigree cats since 1977. I wish I had had this book when I started then. This book is packed with information and is a MUST for cat breeders

Pixie Bob Cat

Pixie Bob Cat



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