Photograph Your Dog



There is one simple rule when taking a photo of your dog or cat and that is to take the photo at your pets eye level.  A close up portrait of your pet is not the easiest photograph to take but it is worth the trouble of careful planning . Ideally the dog should sit down to give you a good line at the back of the neck.


To get a good angle the dog should sit slightly away from the camera, and then to look over his shoulder towards you – this is really a tip from human portraiture where the subject sits in a way that diminishes the shoulders.


But this is of course not always possible, and in many ways can take away the spontaneity of the eventual painting.  As long as you can get me several photos of your pet then I can normally work something out.


A stray lock of hair will not spoil things as I can of course change the painting from the photo, but I can not change everything  and still get a good likeness.





I can paint from old B/W  photos as long as they are of reasonable quality.  They do not necessarily have be  large as I can always make them bigger but they would have to be fairly clear so that I can get a good likeness.


If you would like to commission a portrait of you pet the please send the  photos of your pet by email if possible and I will get back to you with in 24 hours to let you know if the photos are ok for me to work from.




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