Pet Insurance

Insurance for Cats?

Should you insure your cat?

Well I will probably get shot down in flames here for thinking the only people that buy pet insurance for cats are those with pedigree cats.  However you only have to look at how much money and effort those that offer pet insurance actually put into advertising it to realise that it is not ‘big business’.

So should you or shouldn’t you? Personally we never have.  We’ve had the odd vet’s bill but nothing to warrant insuring our cats. Cat’s aren’t subject to the same roaming laws as dogs so I feel that makes a big difference. Don’t get me wrong – we have 6 dogs and insure them all – it’s cost effective – but the cat’s?  No! That said we can always find the money for the vets bill so it makes no difference at all to the cats.  I suppose if you think it might cause a major cash flow problem if your cat was ill or had an accident, or heaven forbid, you would have to have your cat put to sleep for lack of pet cover, then clearly that is a different situation. Here is a rough idea of what is usually offered for pet insurance for cats.

Requirements : Cats must be between three months and nine years oldand identified by microchip number you have been allocated and must meet the schedule of vaccinations on:
    • Feline Leukaemia Virus – one of the biggest causes of death in kittens.
    • Feline enteritis – a viral infection with acute  vomiting and diarrhoea
    • Cat flu – it’s rarely fatal but it’s serious
    • Feline chlamydia – this can cause conjunctivitis in cats

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