How To Draw A Steam Train

How_To_Draw_A_Steam_Train How to draw a steam train

Steam trains aren’t as hard to draw as you might think. Follow these steps and your train will soon be whistling away.

You will need a piece of paper a rubber a black pen and a pencil

Start with some wheels – draw two identical circles close together

To make the driver’s cab draw three sides of a tall rectangle on top of the wheel on the left.

Draw a long rectangle shape as shown to make the body – leave a curve in it where it meets the other wheel.


Steam trains need to be cleaned inside – so add a curve to make a dome-shaped door and use a tint rectangle for a handle.

Draw two little circles to the right of your big circles to make front wheels. 

Now add two arch-shaped windows to the cab.


Draw three rectangles along the top of your train. Put some small circles inside all the wheels then connect the front wheels to the tram using little rectangles and lines.

Draw some rods to link the wheels together. Then draw three thin stick shapes along the top of the train.

Add two semi-circles for steam domes and draw a big steam funnel. Study the picture on the left to see what else you could add – I’ve shaded the extra details green.

Add a bell and anything else you can think off then your train will be ready to go running down the track.

How To Draw A Steam Train



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