How to Draw Horses

How to Draw Horses A video of Jan Brett’s new book for children on African Safari.

Drawing Horses How to Draw Horses Join artist Sue Sydney as she takes you on a step-by-step equine drawing lesson.

A long detailed article on how to draw horses starting with the anatomy of a horse. Will provide a good basis for painting a horse.

How to Draw a Horse  Susan Jeffers always starts with the head because the head will tell you where the horse is going and what it is thinking and feeling.

How to Draw Horses
Author: Lucy Smith; £3.42
Draw 50 Horses
Author: Lee J. Ames; £4.79
Draw Horses with Sam Savitt
Author: Sam Savitt; £11.18
Draw Horses!
Author: Lee Hammond; £7.25
Anyone Can Draw Horses!
Author: June V. Evers; £4.98

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