How To Draw A Truck

How To Draw A Truck How to draw a truck using simple shapes

A truck is easy to draw using lines rectangles squares and circles. In each of the steps below the part of the picture you need to draw is shaded with a colour – but don’t colour in your own picture until you have finished drawing it. You will need a rubber and a black pencil

How to draw a truck

Using a pencil or pen draw a horizontal line as shown above. Put a rectangle on top of the line as shown to make the body of the truck.

Draw two vertical lines – make one the same height as our rectangle and the other half as tall.

Add three more lines to make a kind of step shape as shown. Now your truck has a cabin.

Along the bottom of your truck draw a long thin rectangle with three semi-circles cut out of it – one semi-circle should be under the cabin and two under the body.

Now draw a circle under each of the wheel arches to make the wheels.

Draw a smaller circle inside each of the big circles to make hubcaps.

Draw a square in the truck’s cabin to make a window.

You can colour in your truck however you want. You’ll be finished in a flash!

















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How To Draw A Truck

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