Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat

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Himalayan Cat


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Himalayan Cats

Author: J.Anne Helgren; £4.59
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Guide to Owning a Himalayan Cat

Author: Coleman McDonald;
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Himalayan Cats

Author: Nancy Furstinger; £11.03
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Guide to Owning a Himalayan Cat

Author: Coleman McDonald; £5.95
All About Himalayan Cats

Author: Joan McDonald Brearley;
Himalayan Cats

Author: J. Anne Helgren;


Avon Cat Rescue has been caring for and rehoming unwanted or stray cats and kittens in Warwickshire and the West Midlands since the 1960’s. They always have many super cats waiting for a new home sometimes as many as 90 cats. They are an independent self funded not for profit organisation. If you cannot rescue a cat at this time you can help the cats in their care by joining their supporters group or sponsoring one of their resident ‘pensioner’ cats.
Cats Seeking Homes: Some of the cats seeking homes are featured on their website linked below.
Rehoming Centre: The Barn House Chapel Street Welford on Avon Warwickshire CV37 8PX
Tel: 01789 750235
Email: manorclose@darlingscott.freeserve.co.uk
Website: www.avoncatrescue.org

Himalayan Cat


At holiday time it may be possible to arrange for a friend neighbour or relative to visit your house two or three times a day to tend to your cat. Provided such regular attention is guaranteed this is acceptable since cats prefer to remain in their own home. It is not a good idea to move the cat to someone else’s home from which it may immediately try to escape.

The alternative is to place your cat at a good boarding cattery. In choosing a boarding cattery make sure you visit the establishment first and check that the following criteria are met:

  • Staffing: enough to ensure personalised attention for your cat;
  • Security: adequate precautions against the possibility of escape;
  • Hygiene: evidence of cleanliness and no smell;
  • Accommodation: dry clean and sheltered with heating provided for cooler months;
  • Exercise: facilities which allow for some exercise preferably with climbing capacity and caged outside access.
  • A good boarding establishment will always ensure cats have correct vaccinations.


Signs of Health

A healthy cat should display the following signs of heath:

  • Demeanour: watchful – even at rest; quickly responsive to sounds; quiet and contented;
  • Movement: free movement and agile; no lameness;
  • Appetite: good; no vomiting;
  • Breathing: even and quiet with no coughing;
  • Coat: clean well groomed and glossy; free from parasites and dirt;
  • Ears: pricked to catch sound; no discharge or irritation;
  • Eyes: clear; no discharge or inflammation.

Cats and kittens can become ill quite rapidly. This is usually characterised by lethargy and a failure to eat or drink. If your cat appears unwell for any reason consult your veterinarian immediately.

Himalayan Cat

Proven Marketing Tips for the Successful Cat Breeder


The Felines by Design series of publications will take you on an uplifting spiritual and inspiring journey of discovery into the Cat Fancy World and beyond. With Proven Marketing Tips for the Successful Cat Breeder you will distinguish yourself from the many catteries in your breeding area. Jasmine Kinnear’s guidelines are clear practical and based on success from years of breeding pedigreed cats. Learn the techniques to separate yourself from the breeders who merely sell kittens. You will leave your competition at a loss by your newly acquired breeding and marketing skills.

No matter where you are in the world sound marketing principles cannot be taken for granted when you have the desire to excel as a breeder.

Become an informed breeder and discover how to:

1) Save $THOUSANDS on breeding stock

2) Have a productive breeding program

3) Save money on advertising

4) Guarantee your kittens’ health

5) Protect yourself from unscrupulous breeders

6) Generate sales & profit with integrity and ethics

About the Author: Jasmine Kinnear is a Feline Behavior Consultant Cattery Management and Marketing Mentor and Registered Cat Breeder. With over 20 years of experience these truly are Confessions of a Cat Breeder (c). This book is Volume 1 in the Felines by Design series of books. The Felines by Design concept was born in Jasmine’s cattery where she was systematically able to match feline personalities with those of her buyers. For the first time ever Jasmine is sharing these Felines by Design principles. These principles will assist all buyers and breeders to ensure that the right kitten or adult cat is placed within the best possible loving home to benefit both the feline and their owner. The Felines by Design series of books is sure to become a valued resource in your library to be consulted and relied upon whether you are a cat breeder or owner.

Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat



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