Spirit Guide Portrait

£18 for A4 Pastel



Psychic Portrait

£12 for A4


Please remember that I am not a trained artist.  You can see some examples of my current level of ability on my gallery page.  These were done on cheap copier paper whereas yours will be done on artists paper.  The colour will be chosen by Spirit when I begin but will very likely be white or cream.

The objective is to hold a link to Spirit long enough for me to portray a likeness of some-one that connects to you.  It may be some-one close, it may be some-one further back in your family.  We have many loved ones in Spirit, including those we may not remember. It may even be some-one you are unaware of, for example a grandmother or Aunt that died before you were born (This person may well take an interest in your life).  It may also be a friend, a work colleague or even a neighbour.  I have no control over who comes through.

You can read more about how I came to be drawing Spirit Portraits.

Payment by cheque, postal order, credit or debit card (Paypal).  Please email me for further details.

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