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Dog Tricks

Dog Tricks and how to teach your dog some tricks

There is a school of thought that says you shouldn’t teach your dog tricks and perhaps partly I can see that point of view.  I have two Doberman and I really wouldn’t like to see then performing tricks like the dog in the above picture.

Beyond that though teaching your dog tricks is really a matter of personal choice between your dog and you and the family.

I think the effort in learning to do the tricks and the satisfaction the dog gets from the praise or occasional tid-bit for doing a trick well, is a great way to stop a dog from getting bored.  Take care though, you don’t want a dog that will only do a trick for something tasty.  He or she should really enjoy doing tricks and want to do them to please you plus maybe just expend a bit of energy and get your attention.

You may well find your dog doing a trick unasked for, a real sign that your dog loves performing and the tricks are not a hardship, simply something they love doing.

For a whole heap of tricks for you and you dog to learn, go to Teach your dog tricks where you’ll soon realise that not only does your dog get to learn new tricks but you do too.  Enjoy!

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