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Training and Obedience for your Dog

Training Your Dog

Maybe you’ve just bought a puppy and you want to get puppy training right from the start.  Then this section on training your dog or puppy is the right place for you be.

You may find that the puppy you had was a little angel then but it’s a grown dog you wished you’d put more effort into basic training.  It’s not that your dog is a hooligan, just that you’d like for other people to see how well trained he is, and well…. he seems a little deaf when you call him lately.

And if you are very unfortunate, somehow you and your dog have just plain got your wires crossed where obedience training is concerned.  You really have to take control of your dogs training right now if you are going to carry on living together.

Whatever your dog training needs, this extract from the Dog Owners guide on how to  Teach your dog some basic commands will set your training program on the right path and let you and your dog live in harm0ny!

Basic Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training

When we say obedience training sometimes we simply mean basic dog training so you and your dog can live happily together.  Usually though we use the word obedience training to mean a little more than basic training – it implies we want to take our dog to obedience class, achieve an excellent level of rapport with him or her and maybe even enter obedience trials with our newly trained and highly obedient dog who loves nothing better than to prove to us how well he can perform.

In reality there is very little difference between basic dog training and general obedience training, it is simple a matter of degree and if you are unfortunate enough to have a dog who really doesn’t think obedience is in his vocabulary, well then you simple have to work at it a bit harder.

For the full extract from the Dog Owners guide on how to  Teach your dog some basic commands just follow the link.

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