Dog Books

Dog Books

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Cesar’s Way Author: Cesar Millan; £9.09

The Perfect Puppy Author: Gwen Bailey; £8.57

It’s Me or the Dog Author: Victoria Stilwell; £7.99

Marley and Me Author: John Grogan; £7.50

The Dog Listener Author: Jan Fennell Monty Roberts; £6.74

How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days Author: Shirlee Kalstone; £1.02

Good Guide to Dog Friendly Pubs Hotels and B and Bs Author: Fiona Stapley Alisdair Aird; £6.49

Before and After Getting Your Puppy Author: Ian Dunbar; £7.04

Walking Ollie Author: Stephen Foster; £3.99

Think Dog! Author: John Fisher; £6.49

That’s Not My Puppy Author: Fiona Watt Rachel Wells; £4.49

The Practical Dog Listener Author: Jan Fennell; £7.24

Book of the Bitch Author: J.M. Evans Kay White; £6.55

Mad Dogs (CHERUB)

From Baghdad with Love Author: Jay Kopelman Melinda Roth; £8.96

Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood

Straw Dogs Author: John Gray; £3.90

Be the Pack Leader Author: Cesar Millan; £11.61

Don’t Shoot the Dog! Author: Karen Pryor; £5.98

Buster’s Secret Diaries





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