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Here are a few random questions with answers generally available on the internet.  I hope it gives you food for thought but please do as much research as you possibly can before you go looking for your doberman puppy and make an impulse buy.

Trust me, you will fall in love with all doberman puppies you visit but puppies, doberman or not, should never be bought on impulse.

Doberman Puppies East Yorkshire Cottingham Driffield Easington, Goole,  Kingston upon Hull,  Ottringham Patrington,  Pocklington,  Skidby, Stamford Bridge What are my responsibilities as a new Doberman puppy owner?

Do take your puppy to puppy playschool and obedience training classes and do your homework for these classes. Behaviors that are cute in a 15 pound puppy can be dangerous in a 75 pound doberman. Socialize your puppy with people (especially children) and other dogs frequently (after your puppy has completed its immunization). Your doberman puppy may go through a period known as “adolescent shyness” when it reaches 4-5 months of age. This period can last until the puppy is 12-18 months old. Socializing your puppy from an early age will help minimize this shyness. Expose your doberman puppy to a variety of experiences, but do so gently. You don’t want to traumatize your puppy. Be careful of heavy physical exertion directly before and after eating, especially if your Doberman is a “gulper”. Dobermans puppies can suffer from bloat. If your dog’s abdomen becomes distended and rigid and it can not seem to belch or pass gas, gastric torsion may be the problem. This is an urgent health concern and puppies, doberman and other breeds, should immediately attend the vets. Doberman Puppies East Yorkshire

How large is a Doberman?  How much do they weigh?

Males can get be anywhere from 26 to 28 inches and weigh from 75- 90 lbs, females 24 to 26 inches and weigh 65-75 lbs. The appearance is that of a dog of medium size, with a body that is square. Compactly built, muscular and powerful, for great endurance and speed. Elegant in appearance, of proud carriage, reflecting great nobility and temperament. Energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient.

Doberman Puppies East Yorkshire

Where should they live/sleep?

A Doberman that gets a lot of exercise and interaction with family makes an excellent housedog but he must have a secure area to run and play in or he should be taken on very regular romps to let off some steam.  A Doberman that has been cooped up and not allowed to play rambunctiously may be too active to enjoy in the house.  Because of their curious nature and high activity level it is best if young dogs sleep in a confined, secure place such as a crate.  This assures that the dog does not “accidentally” get into trouble during the night when he wakes up and is unsupervised.  Older, mature dogs that have proven themselves trustworthy housedogs can be allowed to sleep loose. 

Doberman Puppies East Yorkshire

Anlaby Park-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hessle)

Barmby Moor-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

Barmby on the Marsh-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Howden)

Bishop Burton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Beverley)

Bishop Wilton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

Burton Agnes-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Bridlington)

Burton Fleming-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Bridlington)

Burton Pidsea-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hedon)

Cherry Burton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Beverley)

East Cottingwith-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

East Cowick-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Snaith)

East End (Hedon)-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hedon)

East End (Ottringham)-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Withernsea)

East Newton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hornsea)

Eight and Forty-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Howden)

Foston on the Wolds-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hornsea)

Full Sutton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

Gardham-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

Garton on the Wolds-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Beverley)

Goole Fields-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Goole)

Great Cowden-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hornsea)

Great Givendale-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

Great Hatfield-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hornsea)

Great Kelk-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Bridlington)

Green Oak-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Howden)

Haven Side-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hedon)

High Catton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

High Hunsley-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Beverley)

Holme on Spalding Moor-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

Holme on the Wolds-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Beverley)

Hutton Cranswick-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Beverley)

Kilnwick Percy-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

Kilpin Pike-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Howden)

Kirbyunderdale-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

Kirk Ella-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hessle)

Little Catwick-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hornsea)

Little Driffield-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Beverley)

Little Hatfield-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hornsea)

Little Kelk-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Bridlington)

Little Reedness-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Goole)

Little Weighton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Beverley)

Long Riston-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hornsea)

Low Catton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near York)

Market Weighton-East Riding of Yorkshire Middleton on the Wolds-East Riding of Yorkshire

Middleton on the Wolds-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

Moor End-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

New Ellerby-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hornsea)

Newton upon Derwent-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

North Cave-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

North Cliffe-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

North Dalton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Driffield)

North Ferriby-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hessle)

North Frodingham-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hornsea)

North Howden-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Howden)

North Newbald-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

Old Ellerby-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hedon)

Old Goole-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Goole)

Out Newton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Withernsea)

Rawcliffe Bridge-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Goole)

Riston Grange-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Beverley)

Ruston Parva-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Bridlington)

Sand Hole-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

Seaton Ross-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

Shute Shelve-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

Skipsea Brough-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hornsea)

South Cave-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

South Cliffe-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

South Dalton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Beverley)

South End-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Withernsea)

South Field-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hessle)

South Newbald-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

Stamford Bridge-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

Sunk Island-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Immingham)

Sutton on Derwent-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

Thorpe le Street-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

Water End-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

West Cowick-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Snaith)

West Ella-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hessle)

West End-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

West Newton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hedon)

Wold Newton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Filey)

Will protection training make my puppy doberman vicious?

Protection sport training is probably the most misunderstood training in existence. Many people think that sport protection training makes dobermans vicious and aggressive towards people. The dogs are not taught to bite the person, but to bite the fabric. In the basic training the dog or puppy is taught to play with a burlap sack, sort of a tug of war. The doberman (or puppy) is then graduated to seizing a tube of burlap/fabric and stuffing. Then the dog is graduated to a leg sleeve and then to a decoy suit or sleeve. If the decoy, the man in the suit, were to take off the suit and shake it around, the dog will grab the suit and start a tug of war, in the same manner as he/she did with the burlap sack. If the decoy were to run away holding the suit, dangling from an out stretched hand, exposing the rest of the man to the dog, the dog would grasp the suit and pay no attention to the man. The doberman is taught to grab the fabric. The decoy is friendly towards the dog and many times, in training, the dog will climb up in the decoy’s lap and lick his face, immediately after the protection session is over. Puppies, dobermans seem to be particularly keen to start young, can start in a very small way from an early age but of course a puppy needs to mature into adult before progressing.

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Doberman Puppies East Yorkshire Dog Portraits

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