Contemporary Artists in London

London is home to many galleries and museums exhibiting both classical and contemporary art and sculpture. Notting Hill is home to some of the finest galleries in the city, home to exhibitions by national and international artists. Getting your work exhibited in a Notting Hill gallery such as Calken is the ‘holy grail’ for many artists – exhibiting your work here means that you have made it!

Some of the artists currently exhibiting in Notting Hill include:

Annabel Menheneott

Annabel’s great grandfather was Rowland Hill, a founding member of the Staithes Group of Artists, so art has always run in the family. As a child, she loved painting and her family travelled widely, often living by the sea, which provides the main source of inspiration for her paintings.

Spending time at university researching the healing powers of art, thanks to the influence of her mother, a special needs teacher, Annabel went on to study a BA in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University, gaining employment with Christies of London, one of the world’s leading auction houses.

This role would see Annabel spend time with famous works of art to be sold at auction, and also grow a network of friends who were leading specialists in the art world.

Beginning work as a full time painter in Bath in 2008, Annabel’s work is now exhibited in galleries throughout the UK. Listing her influences as Jackson Pollock and Frank Auerbach, her work is inspired by changing coastal environments.

Annabel’s work is currently being exhibited in a gallery in Notting Hill, as well as a number of galleries in Bath and across London.

Tony Karpinski

Born and bred in London (Westminster to be precise) in 1965, painting and drawing has been part of Tony Karpinski’s life since the age of 4. A promising art student at school, he received several prizes throughout his education. Inspired by Great Masters such as Reubens and Rembrandt, Tony received a commission to recreate pastiches of their works for clients.

Later working as a commercial illustrator for ten years, Tony became inspired by African wildlife paintings such as those by Wilhelm Kuhnert. Journeying to Africa in 1995, Tony began his career as an artist, inspired by nature in all its beauty.

Tony’s work is varied, from African wildlife to paintings of Venice and elegant nudes, all carrying a sense of realism and freshness rarely found in the art world today. His work is evidence of his dedication and passion for painting, and his love of nature.

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