Burmilla Cat

Burmilla Cat

Burmilla Cat

General AppearanceChampagne Tipped F2 Burmilla Strathkirk Aphrodite Returns of Strathkirk Cattery in Toronto Canada

The Burmilla is a beautiful shorthaired cat of foreign type and medium size showing a striking contrast between a coloured Shading/Tipping and a pure Silver base.

The Body

The body has a good bone structure covered with firm muscles yet gives an impression of great elegance; females are usually a little smaller than males but still feel heavier than they look. A rounded chest and a straight back add to the overall harmony. The strong slender legs end in neat oval paws; as in most breeds the back legs are slightly longer than the front legs. The medium to long tail moderately thick at the base tapers to a rounded tip.

The Head

The head has a slightly rounded top with moderate width between the ears and wide cheekbones tapering to a short blunt wedge. In profile the straight short nose in line with a firm deep chin shows a gentle break. The pencilling round the lips accentuates the unmissable Burmilla grin.

The Ears

The ears medium to large with a rounded tip are broad at the base and set moderately apart and show a slight tilt forward. Their outer line continues that of the face – though mature males usually develop full cheeks.

The Eyes

The eyes are the most beautiful feature of the Burmilla. Large and expressive they are set well apart on a slightly oblique angle. The upper lid forms a broken line angled towards the nose while the lower lid is fuller and rounder – both being outlined with the basic colour thus giving a somewhat innocent expression. Any shade of Green is accepted but it must be clear and luminous; an outer yellow rim is allowed in young kittens. Because the Orange gene (O) introduces some yellow in the eye colour amber is accepted in Reds Creams and Torties.

The Coat

The coat is short and dense silky in texture and smooth lying but with enough undercoat to give it a slight lift. The ground colour is pure Silver white. The Shading/Tipping in all recognised solid and tortie colours must be evenly and uniformly distributed on the mantle. Remnants of Tabby markings show as delicate ‘ghost’ tracings on the forehead of all Burmillas and may still appear on legs and tail of the Shaded variety. Whatever its colour a Tipped Burmilla looks much lighter overall than a Shaded Burmilla.

The Nose Leather

The nose leather is Terracotta in all Burmillas other than Red and Cream where it is pink and Tortie where it is in the relevant colour pink or a mixture of both.

The Paw Pads and Soles

The paw pads and soles are of the colour corresponding to the coat colour.

Registered Charity No 1062053
St. Francis Hospice for Cats is not a re-homing centre but a registered hospice for chronically sick and elderly cats. The Hospice look after around 80 cats whilst also caring for a feral colony in the Derby area. They are included here as they are desperately in need of donations and sponsors to enable them carry on with their invaluable work. You could make a real difference by sending a donation however small. If you are in the Derby area perhaps you could lend a hand with a fund-raising event? You can contact the hospice as above or visit their web site for more details of their work.
Indoor Homes Needed: St. Francis Hospice is looking for loving homes for cats in their care who are carrying FIV but who are otherwise healthy. The Hospice is happy to pick up any future vet bills. Please Note: These cats will need to be ‘indoor’ cats only.
3 Sapperton Close Littleover Derby Derbyshire DE23 7NX
Tel: 01332 272139
Email: stfrancis@derbycounty.co.uk
Website: www.paws.eu.com

Burmilla Cat

Considerations when Buying a Cat

Before you purchase a cat please ensure that you have thought carefully about the responsibility of cat ownership. Never buy a cat on impulse – cats often live to around twelve years of age but many cats much longer. Owning a cat is a commitment which should be carefully considered. Speak to your local veterinarian and other cat owners and gather as much information as you can to aid you in your decision.


The only accommodation a cat really needs in the house is a good bed which may be any comfortable chair box or basket. Igloos or beds can be purchased for your cat but quite often these are ignored and a spot on your bed or favourite chair is preferred.

If you decide that your cat will have access to outside ensure that a cat door is fitted to an external door of the house to enable access to the house at all times. Some cat doors are magnetically operated which allows your cat to enter the house but prevents the unwanted intrusion of other cats. The "modular park" cage system is an excellent and safe way for cats living in flats or near busy roads to be outdoors and have exercise.

Burmilla Cat

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Burmilla Cat

Burmilla Cat



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