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American Mustang Horse

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The 100% Horse
Author: Michael Peace; £13.19


This is often perfectly possible to achieve in familiar surroundings but not when out on the roads or at the showground when a well-behaved horse is a must for safety reasons. Michael Peace has worked with the Metropolitan Police, to find better ways to train their legendarily unflappable horses, by combining a real understanding of equine behaviour with a practical, effective system. These techniques, in keeping with his non-confrontational approach, can be applied to any horse and easily followed by riders who want long-lasting results but don’t want to fight with their horses to get them.

American Mustang Horse

The Coloured Horse and Pony
Author: Linzy Dickinson; £5.99


Coloured horses and ponies have grown enormously in popularity over recent years and can now be found performing in all spheres of equestrian activities and sports. Increasingly they are benefiting from well-considered breeding programmes that are retaining and improving on quality, type and conformation as primary considerations. The term ‘coloured’ encompasses a vast array of particular colours, markings and types, and this guide reflects the extent of this range, giving an overview of colours and types, as well as a useful introduction to showing. It will serve as a valuable source of information for those who are new to coloured horses and ponies as well as providing a reference point for the more experienced horse owner.

American Mustang Horse

The Horses and Ponies Protection Association

Sheltoe Before
Sheltoe After

The Horses and Ponies Protection Association is one of the oldest and most respected Charities for equine welfare. HAPPA was founded in 1937 to help fight against the transportation of large horses to the continent for slaughter.

However, complaints of horses, ponies and donkeys being ill treated, starved and abused were reported to the Association, and since then we have investigated many thousands of complaints.

1997 saw this Association (HAPPA) celebrating its Sixtieth Anniversary. 1997 also saw the saving of 16 racehorses! One would think this could never happen. But it did! It took HAPPA staff from the Shores Hey Rescue Centre hours to save them from the squalid conditions they were living in.

These once proud, now emaciated horsess were standing 3ft deep in their own manure, they were crawling with lice and covered with open sores. HAPPA staff also found the dead body of another horse rotting among them under a pile of pallets!

American Mustang Horse

How to Buy a Pony

They’re cute and adorable and can make the perfect gift for a child. But beware; ponies require just as much care and hard work as full-grown horses.

1. Go to horse auctions, visit local horse barns, read a book on how to buy a pony, or visit on a few horse-related Web sites. Become familiar with ponies before you pull out your wallet.

2. Get some expert advice before making a purchase. It is difficult to select a sound pony with a good temperament unless you have a great deal of experience with ponies.

3. Pay special attention to the personality of the pony you’re considering buying, especially if a child will be riding her. If a pony is nippy, flattens her ears when touched, or bucks up her hind end when you walk behind her, it’s best to bypass that animal.

4. Examine the pony for cracked or deformed hooves, a runny nose or eyes, or a lethargic demeanour.

5. Ask a horse veterinarian to examine the pony you’ve chosen. This is the best way to ensure you are buying a healthy pony.

American Mustang Horse American Mustang Horse

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