A Cat or a Dog?

5 Reasons for Owning a Cat not a Dog

Whether you are feeling lonely and need someone to keep you company, or you want a perfect playmate for your children, a beautiful fluffy feline will make the right pet for you. When it comes to getting a pet for your house, there are several reasons why you should opt for a cat instead of a puppy. If you’re wondering what those reasons are, here is your answer:

1.     They Can Keep You Healthy


According to a research, the purr of a cat can be quite healing. The higher the frequency of a cat’s purr, the more quick the healing reaction can be. They are known to heal any damage to tendons, bones, muscles and ligaments. Moreover, their purr is also known to reduce blood pressure levels and they are also good for people who are depressed since they can reduce stress levels as well.

2.     They Can Communicate With You Better


The communication power and tactics of a cat are considered to be much better than those of dogs. Cats have a better tendency to detect human moods and go along with them. They have their own signs of communication and displaying affection depending on your mood. They are very sensitive to their owner’s receptiveness towards them and keep that in mind when interacting with different people.

3.     They Follow Your Lead


When it comes to interaction and involvement with your pet, cats allow you to take the lead of the relationship and follow easily. Unlike a little chiot who will try to give you a puppy-dog look to make you feel guilty for avoiding him for a long time, cats are very easy-going.

They are very independent and self-sufficient and can manage on their own for quite a long time when they feel you are busy or not in a mood to interact. With cats, you can have a perfect give and take relationship. If you are considerate of their need of interaction at some times, they will be far more considerate of your needs when the time comes.

4.     They Are Clean


Cats, by nature, are very clean and take well to toilet-training. They will always restrict themselves to their litter-box and they like to keep themselves, as well as others, groomed and clean. You can easily wash them and clean them without facing too much resistance. They just love to be pampered once in a while. So, if you are a clean-freak, your cat will be right there with you in your craze.

5.     Cats Are Good For Teaching Children Kindness


Compared to dogs, cats can be a far more appropriate pet for a family with kids. While mutts like to play rough and dirty, cats are gentle, kind and sensitive and can teach your kids compassion and empathy. If your kids try to be rough with a cat, they will likely put an end to the interaction by going away from there.

Cats are also more social, trusting and nurturing by nature and can be good with your kids. Their ability to understand moods help them to create a very special bond with kids.

So, now that you know all this, you can definitely see how owning a cat is a good option for you. Get yourself the perfect companion for lonely times; a cute fluffy fur ball to curl up with you when you feel lazy or lonely!

Author’s Bio:

The author is a practicing veterinarian and an animal lover who keeps a bunch of felines and even chiot at her house, and loves to tell people how a pet can change their lives for all the good reasons.

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